Intercept Telemed CEO Presents At Florida Venture Forum, 2020

ICU Telehealth Provider Showcases Tele-ICU at State’s Premier Venture Event

Miami, FL (March 16, 2020) – The 2020 Florida Venture Forum hosted Intercept Telehealth, a Miami-based 24/7 Intensivist-led Telehealth provider for remote ICU and critical care. Especially timely, the company provides remote critical care from ICU specialist providers, powered by the latest, state-of-the-art technology and AI. Specifically, Intercept Telehealth saves lives with an unrivaled level of remote Intensivist-led Tele-ICU care, resulting in dramatically reduced mortality, reduced length-of-stays, and reduced ICU Department costs.

“The 2020 Florida Venture Capital Conference was the ideal platform to showcase our company and the capabilities of our state-of-the-art technology and paired with AI. We are excited to bring the future of ICU care to our clients with our best-in-class software and customized solutions,” said Dr. Diego Reino, MD, CEO of Intercept Telehealth. “It was an honor to present to this selected panel, and we believe our already successful business will leave a lasting impression.”

Reino provided a detailed overview of the company during the forum and hosted a variety of one-on-one sessions with investors registered to attend the conference. Intercept Telehealth showcased its cutting-edge software, along with the other four pillars Intercept is built on – customized solutions, predictive analytics for proactive care, highly experienced ICU physicians and nurses and their excellent training and service.

About the Florida Venture Forum:

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About Intercept Telehealth

Intercept provides Tele-ICU using predictive analytics and AI and a centralized team of specialists to provide superior care and transform the economics of care in hospitals. Simply, Intercept offers remote critical care from a centralized location, where it has scale, can be staffed efficiently by ICU specialists, operated 24/7, and powered by the latest technology & AI. Intercept’s software optimizes the # of patients each provider, Intensivist or ICU Nurse, is able to manage through all live streams of data. These providers have the tools to direct attention where it is needed, provide real time access to the hospital telemetry, EMR, labs, and two-way audio / video into the ICU, allowing for predictive analytics and proactive care, all in collaboration with beside care providers

This service is proven to save lives, improve outcomes, reduce patient length of stay, payback its startup costs in only a few months, and save millions for its hospital customers. It is the same service used in-house at the biggest and most forward-looking hospitals, including Emory, UMass, UPenn, Baptist South and others. Today, this solution monitors almost 15% of all ICU beds in the country.

For more information please visit or contact: Jack Karabees / Intercept Telehealth / 2200 N. Commerce Parkway, Suite 200 / Weston,
Fl 33326 / / M: 786.683.7900