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  • Bridge Gaps in Patient Care with Tele-Specialists

Unlimited, 24/7 Access to Specialists

As your hospital’s patient population grows, so may the need to expand your capacity for specialized critical care. At Intercept Telehealth, we partner with your team to develop and expand the service lines you offer.

We fill in the gaps in patient care, providing 24/7, real-time access to world-class specialists across all high-demand clinical disciplines – so you can better care for your community. All patients should have immediate access to exceptional, specialized care – at a price you can afford.

Tele-ICU Care

As the ICU patient population continues to grow, so does the decline in intensivist physicians and experienced critical care providers. It is very likely your current staff is overextended, which may inhibit patient monitoring and increases the risk of preventable complications. Today’s ICUs need specialized, trusted and easily accessible support to better position onsite staff for success and positive patient outcomes. We’re here to make that happen.

  • Custom critical care support solutions tailored to your coverage needs 
  • Top-tier tech suite options that rapidly integrate with legacy systems 
  • Data automation with timely interoperability with EMR 
  • Effective oversight of continuous data flow and 24/7 remote patient monitoring
  • Support for bedside staff with on-demand, immediate access to board-certified intensivists and specialty clinicians 
  • Evidence-based quality improvement programs 
  • Reduce mortality rates
  • Diminish ICU-related complications  
  • Enhance ICU throughput
  • Decrease length of stay and care delivery costs
  • Provide faster response times 
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Improve Leapfrog scoring
  • Deliver proactive care using predictive data analytics  
  • Capture of all billable charges 
  • Expand specialty admissions 
  • Reduce team burnout and turnover
  • Recruit top talent
  • Create streamlined, more efficient workflows
  • Increase local procedures


Grappling with limited access to skilled neurologists? Forced to turn away patients or transfer them because you don’t have the neurology support you need? At Intercept Telehealth, we provide you with real-time access to experienced, board-certified neurologists that are able to immediately address every kind of neurological condition, whether urgent or non-urgent. In some cases, having our teleneurology team as an extension of your team may be the difference between life and death for your patients.

  • 24/7 access to top-tier, experienced vascular neurologists and teleneurology service providers
  • Instant response times for qualified support in under a minute
  • Accurate diagnoses for neuro-critical patients (e.g. strokes, meningitis, epilepsy, brain hemorrhages and Guillain Barre Syndrome) 
  • Emergency teleneurology service consults and detailed patient treatment plans 
  • Seamless, integrated support for continuous and episodic coverage, plus follow-up care
  • Virtual neurology rounds for EG, long-term monitoring and intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring
  • Consultative assistance for myelopathy, seizure management, balance issues, movement disorders, and other neurological and neuromuscular problems 
  • Fill gaps in onsite neurology staffing
  • Reduce physician burnout
  • Deliver faster door-to-needle time 
  • Reduce transfers and increase neurological admissions 
  • Decrease length of stay and improve functional outcomes 
  • Generate better reimbursement
  • Add new revenue sources with teleneurology services
  • Improve neurology recruitment and retention


Whether you’re looking for full-time tele-stroke care or to fill-in the gaps to support your existing team, our telehealth solutions give your hospital system direct and immediate access to vascular neurologists – in 45 seconds or less. With our tele-stroke care, we’re able to provide a fast diagnosis and immediately treat patients to improve outcomes, reducing or even preventing the chances of long-term disability or death.

  • Virtual, comprehensive stroke center recognized by the state
  • Continuous remote patient monitoring
  • Quality improvement for existing stroke programs
  • Evidence-based tele-stroke care modeling
  • Proactive and preventive tele-stroke care  
  • Direct access to stroke specialists and vascular neurologists  
  • Reduce door-to-needle time by 50%
  • Double your t-PA admin rate
  • Improve patient outcomes, reducing or preventing long-term disability or death 
  • Increase reimbursement 


If your hospital emergency room is not well-equipped for an influx of patients or is understaffed and unable to handle complex emergency cases, bottle-necking occurs, resulting in patients having multiple consults with the bedside team before being cared for by an intensivist.

Our on-call team is on-hand to support your emergency department to the extent needed, whether full-time or for patient surges, ensuring you can better care for patients and minimize emergency team burnout.

  • Virtual intensivists and specialists on-hand to speedily triage boarders and manage patients until they’re treated, relocated, or discharged 
  • Data analytics for evidence-based care 
  • 24/7 remote patient monitoring 
  • Quick intervention to support complex emergency cases and order diagnostic testing  
  • Guided treatment of emergency department patients
  • Expedite patient diagnoses and intervention
  • Accelerated review of medical histories
  • Cut acceptance time in half
  • Reduce team burnout and improve quality of life
  • Increase retained ICU cases and improve margins 
  • Reduce ICU mortality 
  • Improve workflows and throughput of patients 


Sepsis commonly goes undetected in critical care settings, especially in an understaffed facility. Hospitals need specialized support in order to detect sepsis so they can prevent deaths and increase patient admissions. Our tele-sepsis care training and remote patient monitoring ensures the best possible outcomes for your patients.

  • Access to specialized tele-sepsis programs
  • Continuous remote patient monitoring of at-risk patients 
  • Data analytics for early detection and accurate identification of high-risk patients 
  • Around-the-clock virtual tele-sepsis care to support onsite sepsis response teams
  • Direct access to intensivists and specialists
  • Manage medication compliance and treatment plan
  • De-escalate antibiotics, where appropriate
  • Increase survival rates
  • Diminish risk of secondary infections  
  • Improve quality of life of onsite specialists 
  • Reduce ICU length of stay 
  • Optimize antibiotic stewardship hospital-wide
  • Decrease resistant infections through early intervention


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